Our Capabilities


Your mission is our mission. We develop complete packaging solutions optimized to reduce total cost and environmental impact in your supply chain. With our global engineering and supply capabilities we serve you in every corner of the world.


Total Cost Approach


Our total cost approach ensures that packaging is optimized, reducing total cost in your supply chain. 



Multi-Material Engineering


With our multi-material design and testing capabilities, we can develop complete packaging solutions for any product.



Global Supply and Service


In addition, our global supply and service capabilities ensure that we are there to provide local support and global coordination.


 Our offer


Our concept means that we design, develop and deliver packaging products and complementary services aimed at reducing your total cost for logistics and product protection as well as reducing your environmental impact.


Your Packaging Solution


Our complete packaging solutions are optimized for each individual customer. Packaging material and packaging solutions are selected based on their situation and requirements. 



Packaging Products


Our wide range of packaging products is optimized to reduce our customers' total costs while minimizing their environmental impact.



Packaging Services


Our packaging services are designed to streamline our customers' manufacturing processes, reduce their production costs and free up time and capital.



Packaging Consulting


Our extensive expertise in packaging design and cost reduction are part of the complete packaging solution, but is also offered as an independent consultant service. 



Packaging Requirements 


What are the packaging requirements for your products? With our expertise within packaging, packaging design and our capabilities to validate and approve solutions we can help you find the right solution for your requirements.