Multi-Material Engineering

With our multi-material engineering capabilities we select and combine packaging materials to build the most appropriate complete solution for each and every case.

So how does it work? 





One or more products need to be shipped from A to B, and when they arrive to point B product characteristics and appearance should be preserved. Based on the sensitivity of the products – sufficient protection needs to be designed.






In the supply chain, between A and B, the products will pass through a number of handling steps and freight modes. Transport modes and handling systems will create shocks, and vibrations. Humidity and temperatures will change over time and needs to be dealt with. 





With Nefab’s multi-material engineering capabilities we create product protection that is optimized to the supply chain. Our in-house engineering teams design and test solutions in wood, plywood, corrugated, plastic, steel and combinations of these, whatever is required to provide the optimized solution in each case.